Why Choose 14/3mm European Oak Engineered Floor From Yuantongfloor

With many engineered oak flooring products in the markets. why choose 14/3x190x1900mm from Yuantongfloor?

In 2020 Yuantongfloor will be still focusing on 14/3mm engineered flooring, as this is one of the fastest moving production in the market, as well as quantity, it is quite a challenge for suppliers in both price and quality

 1   Saw Cut Veneer Processing From Square Timber
Processing from timbers and good business structure that have clients take all grading, which guarantee our quality of veneer

 2   3 Layer Structure Backing
France imported poplar wood, bigger diam higher density; profiling joints are more smooth and pleasant to the eyes. All legal imported documents are available.
Larch: Russian larch can also be a core wood option

 3   Multilayer Plywood
Other than poplar wood from France, also eucalyptus, full birch and eucalyptus/poplar mixed are commonly used as plywood. Processing plywood starts with Rotary cutting, followed by glue and pressing all from one effective production line, makes easier to control quality and cost

 4   Plywood Glue
Standard: phenolic aldehyde glue, reach E0 standard of formaldehyde emission 0.47mg/L

 5   Inspection Report Photos

Since we have higher grading advantage, our research can develop products that are suitable for your local market, from invisible lacquer, natural light to median and dark colours.

 6   Grade Options:

European White Oak CD

European White Oak DD

 7   European Oak ABCD Mixed:

Natural Colour European Oak ABCD

Invisible Lacquer AB, ABC

Grey Colour ABCD

 8   Reactive Stain Colours:

 9   Glaze Coating:
In wood flooring is that high grading comes with high price, many markets seek clean surface with lower price level, and now it can be achieved by new glaze coating technique, special base coating covers all defects of wood like cracks/knots/variation, and makes grading rules irrelevant, all colours can be A grade wood appearance

Suitable for construction material supermarket, glaze coating covers wood natural defects and makes wood higher grade.

The level of coating and colors are available to choose.