1  20/6mm Thickness Oak Engineered Flooring

During past 3 years 6mm veneer has became a high value / short supply product, only very few suppliers are still making 6mm veneer engineered oak flooring in the supply side, but we keep going and trying harder to provide the best quality 6mm flooring especially on big size planks, standard width 220mm/ 260mm and can up to 300mm or 400mm, variable structures from true balance oak/oak/oak to durable multiply. Many manufacturer clients can save great amount of time and cost of making unfinished.

To all flooring manufacturers and distributors if you are looking for stable source of 5mm and 6mm please contact us, the unfinished 20/6mm we provide the top quality level plus long term supply at the most reasonable price level since 2006

2  20/6mm Thickness Oak Engineered Flooring Assembly