Production Technology

We can manufacture solid hardwood flooring, 3 ply engineered flooring and multiply engineered flooring.

Focusing On Oak

Chinese oak,Russian oak is our specialty, the grading is much more clean than European oak, the American white oak. look at the following grading definition.

Base Material

Poplar, Birch and Pine are main base material we use for 3 ply engineered flooring.  Full poplar plywood and poplar and birch Mixed plywood. ( 需要胶合板照片,生产线照片)杨木原木照片,三层地板芯板,背板照片)





Selected, natural,Rustic all available. Our raw material all us to supply over 30% Selected grade products.

Standard Specification

Solid:18x83/90/113/125/150mmx R.L
            20x180/210/240x 1500-3000mm
Engineered flooring 3 ply: 14/3x120/130x150/190x1200/1900mm
Multiply engineered flooring: 2/3/4/5/6mm thickness veneer, 57-300mm width all in our capacity.

Surface Design

Brush, Handscrape, saw mark(horizontal, round), distressed we can make according to your request, we have our own hand work teams.

Connection Pattern

Valinge 5G click engineered flooring is our advantaged products.
Solid click is also our key products for B&Q
T&G products we can adjust the profile to comply your current products.

Company Philosophy

Value every tree, Value every client, improve every day, create value for the world

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